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Top Rising Fashion Brands- What Makes Them So Popular

The fashion world is a world full of competition. There’s a lot of brands crawl to be the top brand that loved by all of the people. However, not all of them succeed, especially the new brands that still look for the market. After all, people tend to buy clothes with the usual brands. Even so, there are still brands that successfully steal the heart of people and rising at the top brands. This makes you curious, doesn’t it? So, let’s see the top rising fashion brands and what makes them successful.

1. Rotate

Who’s saying that ’80s fashion is old and uninteresting? Whoever says it, it seems that they never look at Rotate style of fashion. This Copenhagen-based brand is bravely enough to release the dresses that look like in the ’80s with bold silhouettes.

This design surprisingly is well accepted and thanks to that Rotate becomes one of the top rising fashion brands. It’s really great, isn’t it? Furthermore, Rotate has only debuted and released its first collection in Fall 2018. And now it is already taken over the Instagram this slowly spread its influence in the fashion world.

2. Uniqlo

Although you can say that Uniqlo is an old fashion brand, its name spreads around the world in only recent years. The brand that comes from Japan not only makes clothes with high quality but also at a price that acceptable for almost anyone.

Uniqlo slowly rising in 2013 thanks to its collaboration with the various designers. And right now, Uniqlo has been a fashion brand that can compete with other top brand fashions. 

3. Pyer Moss

Have you ever heard of Kerby Jean-Raymond from Pyer Moss? If you always follow the fashion news, you should know this name. Last September it successfully caught the eyes of people with a stunning fashion show. Well, it’s certainly because of the celebration of black culture that becomes the theme of the fashion shows.

This fashion show cleverly merged the activism and social conversation into the streetwear. And because of this blazing fashion show, Pyer Moss slowly gather attention, thus get tremendous power to grow. Moreover, with Kerby Jean-Raymond got the winner in the 2018s CFDA/ Vogue Fashion Fund Award.

4. Chakshyn

What do you think when the feminine meets masculine? That is the concept that Chakshyn as a fashion brand bringing into. At first, it seems not possible to merge the menswear with womenswear. However, this brand proves that such a thought is wrong.

This brand introduces clothes and accessories that have a sheer of both femininity and masculinity. And it successfully gives a fresh breath in the fashion world. That what makes Pryer Moss rise as a top brand of fashion.

Competitive with the other fashion brand is hard enough. Moreover, if the brand can’t come up with new ideas of fashion. That’s why the one who successfully claims as the top rising fashion brands are the ones that give a novelty. Whatever the shapes are no problem, be it a different concept, or something unique. As long as there is something that makes it different then, it will be sold.