best way to wear ankle boots

The 5 Best Way To Wear Ankle Boots To Be More Stylish

Ankle boots are one of the choices of shoes that are fashionable and able to provide comfort for the feet. Women who wear ankle boots can give the impression of legs becoming taller and leaner. However, there is the best way to wear ankle boots, so that you wear it properly.

best way to wear ankle boots

There are many models of ankle boots that you can choose to complete your appearance. After that, you can mix and match your ankle boots with various fashion styles. So, let’s jump into the best way to wear ankle boots that you need to know:

1. Tucked Your Skinny Jeans Into Your Booties

Wearing ankle boots with skinny jeans is the right combination to make it look more stylish. However, sometimes you doubt how to wear ankle boots using jeans properly. A safe way you can choose is tucked your skinny jeans into your ankle boots.

Tuck your skinny jeans on your ankle boots will give you a neater and cleaner look. If you use trendy skinny jeans, it would be better if you tucked them in your ankle boots.

2. With Dresses and Skirts

Ankle boots are great if you combine them with dresses or skirts. You can choose ankle boots that have a tall shaft model with a pointed toe. This ankle boots model can make your legs look more elongated.

If you don’t like cutting your legs too much, choose ankle boots that are the same color as your skin. Choose boots that have a high shaft and are rather narrow to make your legs look slim. You can combine it with trendy denim skirts so you look chicer.

3. Roll The Cuff of Your Skinny Jeans

If you want to show your skin a little, you can roll up your skinny jeans. Rolling your skinny jeans up will give the impression of your legs more elongated. Moreover, rolling up your skinny jeans is also suitable for you to apply if you want to look more casual.

You can wear rounded-toe suede booties to support your appearance to look casual. Also, choose shafts that are not too high so as not to give an excessive impression.

4. With Leggings

If you want a more classic appearance, you can use leggings. Wearing leggings with ankle boots is also suitable for you to wear in every season. Leggings and ankle boots can make you comfortable and have an attractive appearance.

You look more stylish also you combine ankle boots with leggings. For example, you can combine it with faux leather leggings for a more feminine appearance. Use turtleneck tunic sweaters as tops and black suede ankle boots to complement your appearance.

5. Combine White Booties with Dark Prints

The best way to wear ankle boots is by combining white booties with dark prints. One time you might want to wear white ankle boots. However, white ankle boots are quite difficult for you to match with the others. White ankle boots can make your appearance stand out.

Besides, white ankle boots will give the impression of a clean leg line. So, you can mix and match dark prints on your dress or jeans with your white ankle boots. White ankle boots can also give a light impression on your appearance.

Now you already know about the best way to wear ankle boots. There are many ways you can choose to support your appearance when you wear ankle boots. Choose how to wear ankle boots according to your reference and depends on the event you will attend.