Secret On How To Wear Scarf With Suit To Create A Good Look

When you face the winter season you will need some fashion stuff that can handle cold for you. One of the most useful stuff, when winter comes, is the scarf. You should love using a scarf with the warmest suits when you going outside or eat at the restaurant. But did you know how to wear scarf with suit in the right way so you will look fashionable?

Some people are just using a scarf without put attention into their fashion style. Because they think they only use a scarf for the main purpose to make them warm. With a little creativity, you can make it as useful stuff to raise your look. Here we will give you some tips on how to wear scarf with suit to make a better look. Here we go!

1. The Slip Knot

This is the first style you should know because it can stop cold reach your body. However, you can easily make this type of using a scarf with a suit as long as you follow the steps. First, create a sort of hoop on your neck by folding the scarf into half lengthwise. After that try to take another end of your scarf and then pull it into the hoop you’ve made before. Last, tighten the loop and then look into that awesome man in the mirror.

2. The Wrap Around

The wrap-around style on how to wear scarf with suit is the simplest and easiest tip you should do. You only need to put your scarf into your neck and then make it equal both in left and right. After that, put the right side of your scarf circle around your neck. Do the same thing on the left side and make sure it has the same length on your chest. So easy, isn’t it?

3. The shoulder T0ss

This is the old way how to wear scarf with suit that comes from the old century. However, this style is easy to make but it can’t handle well the cold. Put your scarf on your neck and as usual, make sure it has the same length. After that, you only need to take the right or left side of your scarf and put it in the opposing shoulder. You can use this fashion trick when you in a hurry to go somewhere.

4. The Ascot

If you getting bored with a simple scarf, you can do this one. The Ascot will give you a neat impression if you match it with the right suit. First, you should put your scarf on your neck and then cross the different sides. After that, put the right side into the hole on your neck and then set up the length. Make sure your scarf has the same length on both sides to make it look glamour and still classy.

So these are some tips on using the scarf with suit we can give for you. There are available other ways of using it but these all above are just the usual style. It is time to use the scarf with style, not only use it as the stuff for your main purpose.