Hijab Fashion Style Ideas For Muslimah

A Muslim woman needs clothes to cover her nakedness. The clothes must cover from head to toe. Many people consider the style of Muslim clothing is very old-fashioned. Though there are many hijab fashion style ideas that make Muslim women look beautiful and trendy. The following are some examples of hijab fashion ideas that can be emulated by Muslim women.

1. Casual Style

Many people who like this style. Casual style has a simple and easy impression. Especially if Muslim women want to attend simple or casual events such a vacation. There are several types of clothing that can be combined with this hijab fashion.

Pair printed t-shirts with a cute pattern with jeans and cuffs for a short-sleeve shirt. You can add with sneakers and modern bags. Or Muslim women can combine inner made with T-shirts and outer form of shirts. Other styles can use oversized shirts, overalls, or combine knee-length dress with leggings.

2. Streetwear Style

From the name alone people can certainly judge that this style is not much different from the casual style. This street style has become a style worn by urban streets. To create this fashion style, you can combine several types of clothing.

An example of this style is denim on denim which uses tops and pants made from denim. The next style is to combine white sweaters with peach colored pallazo pants. Or even simpler, using long hoodies and leggings. Don’t forget to add accessories that contrast with this style. This hijab fashion style ideas is mandatory for Muslim women to try.

3. Sporty Style

A Muslim also needs exercise to maintain personal health. However, sports clothing in general have a very tight size. Muslim women will not be comfortable in clothes like that. Lately, many Muslim women combine various types of clothing for sports activities. The first style inspiration is by combining printed short-sleeved t-shirts with cufflinks.

This style can also be added with Pashmina, cargo pants and matching sneakers. Layering techniques can also be used in this style, namely by using layered clothing with light material. Or the last one can be by pairing a jacket with vibran color track pants.

4. Boyish Style

There are some women who like styles that are not too feminine. This style can be called boyish.Muslim women can still look beautiful and charming with this one style. Some items of this fashion include t-shirts, parkas, ripped jeans, and sweaters.

For t-shirts, Muslim women can combine them with outer like denim or bomber jackets. For parkas, you can combine them with inner shirts or t-shirts, pashmina, jeans, and sneakers. Ripped jeans can be an icon of a boyish style. But if you want to use ripped jeans you must wear leggings first so aurat are not visible.

5. Feminine Style

In contrast to boyish, this feminine style is very girly. Muslim women will look elegant and charming if you use this style.Some of these feminine styles use fashion items such as dresses. By using fashion like this, Muslim women will look stylish and also polite.

The first idea is to combine oversized outer with floral motifs with a skirt. This look will make anyone look beautiful and fresh. For women who have a small body can use an abaya with a bell skirt. Or you can also use oversized dresses and combined with pastel hijab. This feminine can be one of hijab fashion style ideas

Those are 5 examples of hijab fashion style ideas that are worth trying. Now you can look stylish and beautiful with your own favorite type of hijab fashion. In addition to being able to cover genitalia, women can also show their identity to other people with clothes.