These Are Some Fashion Rules For Petite Girls That Make You Look Cute

Women have a lot of different styles and some style doesn’t match with her body. One of the most usual problems with girls is their height. Similarly, the tall girl will have a different style with the petite girls because their size was also different. However, the girl has a different name for different pants and it is more detailed than man. We will give you some fashion rules for petite girls all around the world.

fashion rules for petite

1. Use Flares

Flares are fashion stuff that comes from the old-style from 1970 to 1980. This will be perfect for you who love using the retro style with simple but still good looking. People will not call you out of date if you succeed combine it with other stuff.  However, this kind of pants will make your leg looks a little longer than usual. You can combine it with high heels to get better results.

2. Use a Dress with a Split

Girls usually are the kind of person who loves using dresses to some events. It will make them look glamorous, untouchable, and graceful. But, for all petite girls, there is available one rule you should not avoid while using the dress. Your dress should have a split who makes your knees a little bit seen from the outside. Not only to give taller effects on you, but this also gives more balance to your body.

3. Think about Your Proportions

If you are one of the petite girls then you will have a younger look than your age. It can be a special advantage as long as you can choose the right style on your body. However, you should be smart choosing the perfect style to support your young impression. Skirts or blazer will be the perfect stuff that fits on you. Also, you will look good while using any high-waisted stuff.

4. Choose Skirts above the Knee

Other fashion rules for petite girls are using the short pieces of stuff like. Try to use every skirt above your knee to give the longer knee effects. This may show more part of your legs but it can be the best thing for you to avoid the shorter looks. Everything you will use under your knee only creating that you are shorter. If you shy because of your legs, then just try to combine it with tight leggings. It will not disturb your style but help you to create a longer knee effect.

5. Avoid Wide Leg Trousers

When you are short, the most important rules for you is don’t ever try to use oversized trousers. It will make you have a shorter look and didn’t help you for any purpose. You will need a few tight trousers to keep your knees look slimmer.  However, try to tailored trousers will be the perfect option for you because you can set everything on there. You will never get disappointed with the tailor because they can work well at a lower price.

So these are some fashion rules for petite girls we can give. Remember the main rules, don’t ever try to use the wider pants or trousers because it can make you look shorter.  In the end, this article is not for your fashion guides because fashion is free. No one who can disturb your style or your outfit. Enjoy your day!