Men and Women What To Wear For The First Day at Work

Choosing and wearing suitable work clothes can be a challenge. Also sometimes every workplace has different rules and cultures. So we need to think about what to wear for the first day at work. Maybe we will not be too dizzy about the problem if the workplace provides work uniforms for its employees.

 No need to bother and confused wearing what clothes every time you go to work. Then, what about the workplace that frees employees in terms of dressing? What types and models of clothing should we wear?

1. Men’s Top – Carasco

To complete what to wear for the first day at work. There is a Men’s Top Carasco which is the first recommendation for young-minded men. This Men’s Top Indonesia shirt comes in bright shades with a minimalist design. Its also made from lightweight cotton and not transparent, makes you comfortable wearing it. Equipped with front pockets, this shirt is available in S, M, XL and XL sizes.

2. GQ Men’s Wear – Modern Fit Long Sleeve Shirt

The next choice comes from GQ Men’s Wear Indonesia, which presents Modern Fit Long Sleeve Shirts for your formal style. However its made from a combination of cotton material makes you comfortable wearing it all day. This slim-fit cut collar shirt features pockets and front buttons. Available in white and complete sizes from S to XL.

3. Jayashree Batik – Shortsleeve Revandra Slimfit

Revandra Slimfit Shortsleeve from Jayashree Batik can be an option. This batik shirt has a slim fit cut and comes with contrasting printed batik accents. Using lightweight cotton and not stretch, it is very suitable to be worn on formal and nonformal occasions. Available in sizes S – XXL.

4. Gianni Visentin – Slim Fit Shirt

Another option for long-sleeved work clothes that you can choose from is Gianni Visentin Slim Fit Shirt from Gianni Visentin. This formal shirt with standard collar comes with buttons and front pockets. Slim fit pieces will look right on the body.

5. Marks & Spencer – Edged Stripe

Marks & Spencer Edged Stripe can be the right choice for those who want a formal appearance. Because this pink shirt with vertical stripes motif is equipped with a front pocket.

6. Kodz Button Front Top With Belt For Women

For women, there is a Kodz Button Front Top With Belt for work clothes. Because this top is  polyblend with asymmetrical cuts. There is a strap at the waist, while the collar is designed to be round

7. Korz – Pleated Waist Stripe Blouse

Korz presents many beautiful clothes for various events. It’s also has a choice that can be used as women’s work clothes, namely Pleated Waist Stripe Blouse. So pair this outfit with neutral subordinates like black or white to keep it looking professional.

This two-color blouse and striped design has a high collar shape. The material used is polyester which is not transparent so that you stay comfortable while working. Its also available in sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

8. Neumor – Drawstring Tunic

Neumor Drawstring Tunic is made of cotton which is definitely comfortable to wear for working all day. There is a drawstring accent on the front which makes it look cute but simple. Dont worry its also available in brown and S, M and L sizes.

9. Exit – Chandini Floral Smocks Top

You can go to the office in monochrome clothes like this Exit Chandini Floral Smocks Top. Because this top has round split collar and regular fit cuts. Present with front buttons, this top is cotton so it is comfortable to wear. Available in white and size options are S to XXL.

Such is what to wear for the first day at work. The types and also examples of clothing found in companies in general. Of course, all of these clothes are for workers who work indoors. It will be different again for those who work outdoors or field workers.