father and son matching shirt ideas

Lovely Father And Son Matching Shirt Ideas Everyone Should Try

There is a lot of ways to show a father’s love for his children, especially the son. One of them is wearing a matching shirt. While it may be an old and mainstream idea, it is the easiest way to show how much a father loves his son. However, you have to choose the right shirt, so it will look good for both for you. As your age is apart from a little too far, a childish shirt won’t good for you, on the other hand, a mature shirt will only make the son look older. So, here is for you the recommendation about father and son matching shirt ideas.

1. ‘What We’re Drinking’ Shirt

Choosing a father and son matching shirt ideas can be a pain sometimes. Because you have to think about the best design for both father and son. One of the ideas that you can use is a shirt with pictures on it. However, it’s not random pictures and it will look good in both of you and your son.

That shirt is what kind of beverages you’re drinking. In the son shirt, there is a picture of a bottle of milk, meanwhile in father’s shirt, put a picture of a bottle of beer. With the same color, now you have a father and son matching shirt.

2. Tie Imprinted in Shirt

Matching a shirt with your son is not as easy as it seems. You have to adjust what kind of clothes will look good in you and your son. The easiest way is to make the clothes by making it seem natural for both of you. And so, a shirt with tie imprinted on it is the best choice. Most of the men wear a tie regards the age after all so it will look good for you and your son.

3. Copy and Paste Shirt

There is a saying like a son like father, so why not make it to the material of matching shirt ideas? Of course, you won’t have letters like that in your shirt, instead change it into a little modern. For example, you can wear a shirt with letters Ctrl C and for the son version, the letters will be Ctrl V. That way, it will look more eye-catching and hold deep meaning.

4. Cool Guys Shirt

There are a lot of ways to make a matching shirt. For example, you can make a phrase that will be divided into two parts. For instance, you can turn phrase cool guys into matching shirt design. Divide it into two parts cool and guys and make them for the shirts. The father can wear a shirt with letters guys and the son will take the cool shirt. When together, it will surely make a nice combo.

5. Exactly Same

If you still wonder about the matching shirt for you and the son, why not try to wear the exact same shirt? No need to think about the design for the father version and son version. Just make one design that can be worn by both. With the same color and same design, you and your son will look in unison.

Through matching shirt, father and son will look in unison. It also a way for fathers to show the world the bond between father and son. And so, with father and son matching shirt ideas you can make a nice matching shirt.