how to dress for spring

How to Dress for Spring for Women

Spring is the season when the plants are back to grow. Everything will feel warmer than the previous season, winter. So you also need to adjust your clothing. Then, how to dress for spring to keep you comfortable? Check these tips.

1. Wear Thin Material Clothing

Since the temperature is becoming warmer, a thick jacket or coat and gloves maybe not relevant anymore. What you need is some thin material clothing to avoid you from feeling too hot.

A chiffon blouse that is mixed with cotton pants can be a great choice. You can also wear cotton as the top, like a tunic for example. Then, wear a pair of leggings to make you easy to move.

However, you can find that the wind still blows sometimes. So. wearing a scarf is not a mistake to do during spring. Choose thin and soft ones like silk and linen. 

2. Wear a Midi-Outer

A long outer is a perfect complement for a blouse and skinny pants. This mix will give a sexy impression but still make you look graceful. Choose the matching color to make it looks well-suited.

Make sure the combination you wear doesn’t make you look like carrying heavy loads. If you choose a long sleeves top, then it will be better to mix it with the sleeveless outer. And only use the body fit skirt or pants to be mixed with a midi-outer.

3. Mix Pastel Colors with Floral Design Clothings

The flowers blossom can give you some inspirations on how to dress for spring. One of them is by wearing floral design clothing too. It will spread a cheerful impression and transmit a spirit to go through the day.

The warm spring also needs to be balanced with a soft look. So, some pastel colors can be a great match for the floral design clothing. You can try a floral loose blouse with straight-leg pants. Or just mix a peach spandex blouse with a floral pleated skirt.

4. Mix Loose T-Shirt with Jeans

For you who love to wear a casual outfit, this mixing is the best way to dress. Both loose t-shirt and jeans never die. No exception for spring wear.

You only need to make sure that the t-shirt doesn’t make you look shabby. Choose the one with a little thick fabric but still absorb sweat. And since the t-shirt is loose already, so it is better to avoid baggy jeans. 

5. Wear a Lightweight Dress

Want to attend a wedding that is held in spring? You need a dress that allows you to move easily but still stylish. Therefore, a lightweight dress is very good to choose for this event. Make the top part of the dress open shoulder or strapped to make it balance.

A dress with A-line bottom is still a cool choice. For the fabric, chiffon or georgette is good to make your dress swing a little. Also, don’t be afraid to wear a draped bottom dress made from crepe.

There is no strict rule on how to dress for spring. But the list above can give you a guide to be stylish and still comfortable. Whatever you wear, the first thing to make sure is that you are confident with the clothes. Then, a good impression will follow.