dress ideas for wedding guest

5 Dress Ideas For Wedding Guest You Might Want To Take A Look

A wedding is a special event for everyone.  Therefore, many invite relatives, friends, to celebrate.  Sometimes we are confused about choosing a dress if you get the invitation. Sometimes we feel confused to choose the right dress for a wedding guest.  The following explanation about dress ideas for wedding guest, namely :

1. Long Dress with Halter Neck

The first from the list of dress ideas for wedding guest is wearing a long dress with a halter neck Using this dress will look elegant, because it shows a long neck.  Use face makeup that is not too excessive, simple parsed hair and simple accessories because this dress model is very beautiful and fashionable. Use polite colors, such as pastel and gray that match the color of the skin.  Avoid black and red when weeding guests.

2. Batik Dress

Using a batik dress is the right choice for a wedding guest because basically batik is a type of fabric that is commonly used for formal occasions.  Especially at this time, clothing from various types of batik materials.  Therefore, use a batik dress for a more fashionable and formal look.

Batik is the official fabric of Indonesia and has a patent from UNESCO as the official fabric of the Indonesian nation.  Therefore, all batik patterns are suitable for attending official events.  Especially batik dress.  You can make it yourself or buy a finished one.

3. Mini Dress

It never hurts to wear a mini dress, because it will show your beautiful legs.  Use a small strappy belt to show the shape of your waist. This is one of the dress ideas for wedding guest. The mini dress still looks polite, with a dress that passes through the knee and color that is not conspicuous.  Many members of the British empire wear a mini dress as their daily clothes. Thus you can take it as a reference for wedding guest dress.

4. Long Dress for hijab

Using the hijab will be elegant by using a long dress or robe.  Especially you who are creative can create various forms of hijab to match the long dress or robe.

Today, the hijab is part of fashion.  Many modifications to the hijab that makes it look more beautiful.  Including them when using a hijab for a wedding guest.  Robe or long dresses for the hijab can be an option as a formal dress.  Long dress in various colors is a choice with hijab creations that can help make your appearance different from usual.

5. Tutu Dress

One dress idea for wedding guests is the tutu dress. Tutu dresses very suitably to be a wedding guest because the tutu dress itself has a typical model of party clothes.  You just complete it with high heels and a clutch.

Tutu dress is a double dress made of tile.  The shape and appearance of the Tutu dress are already in the form of clothes for the party.  Thus, you don’t need to add too many accessories and accents.  Simply wearing matching shoes can make you look more beautiful.

Those are 5 dress ideas for wedding guest. Now, you don’t need confused. The above dress idea as a reference for wedding guests. You can try it.