How to Dress for Spring for Women

Spring is the season when the plants are back to grow. Everything will feel warmer than the previous season, winter. So you also need to adjust your clothing. Then, how to dress for spring to keep you comfortable? Check these tips.

1. Wear Thin Material Clothing

Since the temperature is becoming warmer, a thick jacket or coat and gloves maybe not relevant anymore. What you need is some thin material clothing to avoid you from feeling too hot.

A chiffon blouse that is mixed with cotton pants can be a great choice. You can also wear cotton as the top, like a tunic for example. Then, wear a pair of leggings to make you easy to move.

However, you can find that the wind still blows sometimes. So. wearing a scarf is not a mistake to do during spring. Choose thin and soft ones like silk and linen. 

2. Wear a Midi-Outer

A long outer is a perfect complement for a blouse and skinny pants. This mix will give a sexy impression but still make you look graceful. Choose the matching color to make it looks well-suited.

Make sure the combination you wear doesn’t make you look like carrying heavy loads. If you choose a long sleeves top, then it will be better to mix it with the sleeveless outer. And only use the body fit skirt or pants to be mixed with a midi-outer.

3. Mix Pastel Colors with Floral Design Clothings

The flowers blossom can give you some inspirations on how to dress for spring. One of them is by wearing floral design clothing too. It will spread a cheerful impression and transmit a spirit to go through the day.

The warm spring also needs to be balanced with a soft look. So, some pastel colors can be a great match for the floral design clothing. You can try a floral loose blouse with straight-leg pants. Or just mix a peach spandex blouse with a floral pleated skirt.

4. Mix Loose T-Shirt with Jeans

For you who love to wear a casual outfit, this mixing is the best way to dress. Both loose t-shirt and jeans never die. No exception for spring wear.

You only need to make sure that the t-shirt doesn’t make you look shabby. Choose the one with a little thick fabric but still absorb sweat. And since the t-shirt is loose already, so it is better to avoid baggy jeans. 

5. Wear a Lightweight Dress

Want to attend a wedding that is held in spring? You need a dress that allows you to move easily but still stylish. Therefore, a lightweight dress is very good to choose for this event. Make the top part of the dress open shoulder or strapped to make it balance.

A dress with A-line bottom is still a cool choice. For the fabric, chiffon or georgette is good to make your dress swing a little. Also, don’t be afraid to wear a draped bottom dress made from crepe.

There is no strict rule on how to dress for spring. But the list above can give you a guide to be stylish and still comfortable. Whatever you wear, the first thing to make sure is that you are confident with the clothes. Then, a good impression will follow.

5 Dress Ideas For Wedding Guest You Might Want To Take A Look

A wedding is a special event for everyone.  Therefore, many invite relatives, friends, to celebrate.  Sometimes we are confused about choosing a dress if you get the invitation. Sometimes we feel confused to choose the right dress for a wedding guest.  The following explanation about dress ideas for wedding guest, namely :

1. Long Dress with Halter Neck

The first from the list of dress ideas for wedding guest is wearing a long dress with a halter neck Using this dress will look elegant, because it shows a long neck.  Use face makeup that is not too excessive, simple parsed hair and simple accessories because this dress model is very beautiful and fashionable. Use polite colors, such as pastel and gray that match the color of the skin.  Avoid black and red when weeding guests.

2. Batik Dress

Using a batik dress is the right choice for a wedding guest because basically batik is a type of fabric that is commonly used for formal occasions.  Especially at this time, clothing from various types of batik materials.  Therefore, use a batik dress for a more fashionable and formal look.

Batik is the official fabric of Indonesia and has a patent from UNESCO as the official fabric of the Indonesian nation.  Therefore, all batik patterns are suitable for attending official events.  Especially batik dress.  You can make it yourself or buy a finished one.

3. Mini Dress

It never hurts to wear a mini dress, because it will show your beautiful legs.  Use a small strappy belt to show the shape of your waist. This is one of the dress ideas for wedding guest. The mini dress still looks polite, with a dress that passes through the knee and color that is not conspicuous.  Many members of the British empire wear a mini dress as their daily clothes. Thus you can take it as a reference for wedding guest dress.

4. Long Dress for hijab

Using the hijab will be elegant by using a long dress or robe.  Especially you who are creative can create various forms of hijab to match the long dress or robe.

Today, the hijab is part of fashion.  Many modifications to the hijab that makes it look more beautiful.  Including them when using a hijab for a wedding guest.  Robe or long dresses for the hijab can be an option as a formal dress.  Long dress in various colors is a choice with hijab creations that can help make your appearance different from usual.

5. Tutu Dress

One dress idea for wedding guests is the tutu dress. Tutu dresses very suitably to be a wedding guest because the tutu dress itself has a typical model of party clothes.  You just complete it with high heels and a clutch.

Tutu dress is a double dress made of tile.  The shape and appearance of the Tutu dress are already in the form of clothes for the party.  Thus, you don’t need to add too many accessories and accents.  Simply wearing matching shoes can make you look more beautiful.

Those are 5 dress ideas for wedding guest. Now, you don’t need confused. The above dress idea as a reference for wedding guests. You can try it.

Secret On How To Wear Scarf With Suit To Create A Good Look

When you face the winter season you will need some fashion stuff that can handle cold for you. One of the most useful stuff, when winter comes, is the scarf. You should love using a scarf with the warmest suits when you going outside or eat at the restaurant. But did you know how to wear scarf with suit in the right way so you will look fashionable?

Some people are just using a scarf without put attention into their fashion style. Because they think they only use a scarf for the main purpose to make them warm. With a little creativity, you can make it as useful stuff to raise your look. Here we will give you some tips on how to wear scarf with suit to make a better look. Here we go!

1. The Slip Knot

This is the first style you should know because it can stop cold reach your body. However, you can easily make this type of using a scarf with a suit as long as you follow the steps. First, create a sort of hoop on your neck by folding the scarf into half lengthwise. After that try to take another end of your scarf and then pull it into the hoop you’ve made before. Last, tighten the loop and then look into that awesome man in the mirror.

2. The Wrap Around

The wrap-around style on how to wear scarf with suit is the simplest and easiest tip you should do. You only need to put your scarf into your neck and then make it equal both in left and right. After that, put the right side of your scarf circle around your neck. Do the same thing on the left side and make sure it has the same length on your chest. So easy, isn’t it?

3. The shoulder T0ss

This is the old way how to wear scarf with suit that comes from the old century. However, this style is easy to make but it can’t handle well the cold. Put your scarf on your neck and as usual, make sure it has the same length. After that, you only need to take the right or left side of your scarf and put it in the opposing shoulder. You can use this fashion trick when you in a hurry to go somewhere.

4. The Ascot

If you getting bored with a simple scarf, you can do this one. The Ascot will give you a neat impression if you match it with the right suit. First, you should put your scarf on your neck and then cross the different sides. After that, put the right side into the hole on your neck and then set up the length. Make sure your scarf has the same length on both sides to make it look glamour and still classy.

So these are some tips on using the scarf with suit we can give for you. There are available other ways of using it but these all above are just the usual style. It is time to use the scarf with style, not only use it as the stuff for your main purpose.

Lovely Father And Son Matching Shirt Ideas Everyone Should Try

There is a lot of ways to show a father’s love for his children, especially the son. One of them is wearing a matching shirt. While it may be an old and mainstream idea, it is the easiest way to show how much a father loves his son. However, you have to choose the right shirt, so it will look good for both for you. As your age is apart from a little too far, a childish shirt won’t good for you, on the other hand, a mature shirt will only make the son look older. So, here is for you the recommendation about father and son matching shirt ideas.

1. ‘What We’re Drinking’ Shirt

Choosing a father and son matching shirt ideas can be a pain sometimes. Because you have to think about the best design for both father and son. One of the ideas that you can use is a shirt with pictures on it. However, it’s not random pictures and it will look good in both of you and your son.

That shirt is what kind of beverages you’re drinking. In the son shirt, there is a picture of a bottle of milk, meanwhile in father’s shirt, put a picture of a bottle of beer. With the same color, now you have a father and son matching shirt.

2. Tie Imprinted in Shirt

Matching a shirt with your son is not as easy as it seems. You have to adjust what kind of clothes will look good in you and your son. The easiest way is to make the clothes by making it seem natural for both of you. And so, a shirt with tie imprinted on it is the best choice. Most of the men wear a tie regards the age after all so it will look good for you and your son.

3. Copy and Paste Shirt

There is a saying like a son like father, so why not make it to the material of matching shirt ideas? Of course, you won’t have letters like that in your shirt, instead change it into a little modern. For example, you can wear a shirt with letters Ctrl C and for the son version, the letters will be Ctrl V. That way, it will look more eye-catching and hold deep meaning.

4. Cool Guys Shirt

There are a lot of ways to make a matching shirt. For example, you can make a phrase that will be divided into two parts. For instance, you can turn phrase cool guys into matching shirt design. Divide it into two parts cool and guys and make them for the shirts. The father can wear a shirt with letters guys and the son will take the cool shirt. When together, it will surely make a nice combo.

5. Exactly Same

If you still wonder about the matching shirt for you and the son, why not try to wear the exact same shirt? No need to think about the design for the father version and son version. Just make one design that can be worn by both. With the same color and same design, you and your son will look in unison.

Through matching shirt, father and son will look in unison. It also a way for fathers to show the world the bond between father and son. And so, with father and son matching shirt ideas you can make a nice matching shirt.

Top Rising Fashion Brands- What Makes Them So Popular

The fashion world is a world full of competition. There’s a lot of brands crawl to be the top brand that loved by all of the people. However, not all of them succeed, especially the new brands that still look for the market. After all, people tend to buy clothes with the usual brands. Even so, there are still brands that successfully steal the heart of people and rising at the top brands. This makes you curious, doesn’t it? So, let’s see the top rising fashion brands and what makes them successful.

1. Rotate

Who’s saying that ’80s fashion is old and uninteresting? Whoever says it, it seems that they never look at Rotate style of fashion. This Copenhagen-based brand is bravely enough to release the dresses that look like in the ’80s with bold silhouettes.

This design surprisingly is well accepted and thanks to that Rotate becomes one of the top rising fashion brands. It’s really great, isn’t it? Furthermore, Rotate has only debuted and released its first collection in Fall 2018. And now it is already taken over the Instagram this slowly spread its influence in the fashion world.

2. Uniqlo

Although you can say that Uniqlo is an old fashion brand, its name spreads around the world in only recent years. The brand that comes from Japan not only makes clothes with high quality but also at a price that acceptable for almost anyone.

Uniqlo slowly rising in 2013 thanks to its collaboration with the various designers. And right now, Uniqlo has been a fashion brand that can compete with other top brand fashions. 

3. Pyer Moss

Have you ever heard of Kerby Jean-Raymond from Pyer Moss? If you always follow the fashion news, you should know this name. Last September it successfully caught the eyes of people with a stunning fashion show. Well, it’s certainly because of the celebration of black culture that becomes the theme of the fashion shows.

This fashion show cleverly merged the activism and social conversation into the streetwear. And because of this blazing fashion show, Pyer Moss slowly gather attention, thus get tremendous power to grow. Moreover, with Kerby Jean-Raymond got the winner in the 2018s CFDA/ Vogue Fashion Fund Award.

4. Chakshyn

What do you think when the feminine meets masculine? That is the concept that Chakshyn as a fashion brand bringing into. At first, it seems not possible to merge the menswear with womenswear. However, this brand proves that such a thought is wrong.

This brand introduces clothes and accessories that have a sheer of both femininity and masculinity. And it successfully gives a fresh breath in the fashion world. That what makes Pryer Moss rise as a top brand of fashion.

Competitive with the other fashion brand is hard enough. Moreover, if the brand can’t come up with new ideas of fashion. That’s why the one who successfully claims as the top rising fashion brands are the ones that give a novelty. Whatever the shapes are no problem, be it a different concept, or something unique. As long as there is something that makes it different then, it will be sold.

These Are Some Fashion Rules For Petite Girls That Make You Look Cute

Women have a lot of different styles and some style doesn’t match with her body. One of the most usual problems with girls is their height. Similarly, the tall girl will have a different style with the petite girls because their size was also different. However, the girl has a different name for different pants and it is more detailed than man. We will give you some fashion rules for petite girls all around the world.

fashion rules for petite

1. Use Flares

Flares are fashion stuff that comes from the old-style from 1970 to 1980. This will be perfect for you who love using the retro style with simple but still good looking. People will not call you out of date if you succeed combine it with other stuff.  However, this kind of pants will make your leg looks a little longer than usual. You can combine it with high heels to get better results.

2. Use a Dress with a Split

Girls usually are the kind of person who loves using dresses to some events. It will make them look glamorous, untouchable, and graceful. But, for all petite girls, there is available one rule you should not avoid while using the dress. Your dress should have a split who makes your knees a little bit seen from the outside. Not only to give taller effects on you, but this also gives more balance to your body.

3. Think about Your Proportions

If you are one of the petite girls then you will have a younger look than your age. It can be a special advantage as long as you can choose the right style on your body. However, you should be smart choosing the perfect style to support your young impression. Skirts or blazer will be the perfect stuff that fits on you. Also, you will look good while using any high-waisted stuff.

4. Choose Skirts above the Knee

Other fashion rules for petite girls are using the short pieces of stuff like. Try to use every skirt above your knee to give the longer knee effects. This may show more part of your legs but it can be the best thing for you to avoid the shorter looks. Everything you will use under your knee only creating that you are shorter. If you shy because of your legs, then just try to combine it with tight leggings. It will not disturb your style but help you to create a longer knee effect.

5. Avoid Wide Leg Trousers

When you are short, the most important rules for you is don’t ever try to use oversized trousers. It will make you have a shorter look and didn’t help you for any purpose. You will need a few tight trousers to keep your knees look slimmer.  However, try to tailored trousers will be the perfect option for you because you can set everything on there. You will never get disappointed with the tailor because they can work well at a lower price.

So these are some fashion rules for petite girls we can give. Remember the main rules, don’t ever try to use the wider pants or trousers because it can make you look shorter.  In the end, this article is not for your fashion guides because fashion is free. No one who can disturb your style or your outfit. Enjoy your day!

Casinos Identify Computers To Prevent Fraud

Online gambling clubs offer rewards and different advantages to new players for joining with them. A portion of the greeting rewards don’t expect players to make any store and are given forthright as playing credits. Another advantage that doesn’t require any store from the player is the free turn invite reward. Likewise there are normally coordinate rewards offered that run into a few hundred dollars or even a large number of dollars. Online gambling clubs that offer competitions regularly enter new players into freeroll competitions. In this way online club have a great deal of cash riding on these rewards. The club wouldn’t fret going through the cash gave it is really utilized, which implies that every player should profit of these advantages just once.

Anyway these advantages are not in every case actually utilized. There are some online players who attempt to enroll over and over with the equivalent online gambling club under various names. This outcomes in money related misfortunes to the gambling club. So as to keep this from happening on the web club have created instruments to distinguish the PC through which a player registers with them. They at that point offer the one time new player benefits just once to every PC. This condition is joined in the terms and conditions, which the players should peruse before enrolling. In this manner players are cautioned that by enabling different people to enlist from their PC they also will turn into involved with the misrepresentation.

The download variant of the product contains programs that find the special data of every PC and transmit it to the server of the online gambling club. This data incorporates the PC’s IP address, MAC address of the system card, the sequential number and form of the CPU, the hard drive sequential and other data that distinguish singular machines as being one of a kind. At the point when another player enlists this data from his PC is coordinated with the data put away in the online gambling club’s server. On the off chance that it matches with the data put away, at that point the endeavor to enroll is dropped and the player is pulled up for extortion. Despite the fact that this technique isn’t idiot proof it attempts to a huge degree and decreases extortion and reward misuse.

Players who need to go around this check can utilize various machines on various systems or even independent various PCs. For instance a player can utilize a home PC, an office PC, a workstation and a companion’s PC to effectively open four unique records. In any case, slot online gambling clubs have advanced different techniques to forestall this. The strategies incorporate personality checks through addresses, government disability numbers and ledgers.

Players should peruse the protection strategy of the online club so as to realize what data the gambling club will gather and how it will utilize the data. Since the security arrangement of every administrator is distinctive the player should peruse the approach for every club he means to play at.

The 5 Best Way To Wear Ankle Boots To Be More Stylish

Ankle boots are one of the choices of shoes that are fashionable and able to provide comfort for the feet. Women who wear ankle boots can give the impression of legs becoming taller and leaner. However, there is the best way to wear ankle boots, so that you wear it properly.

best way to wear ankle boots

There are many models of ankle boots that you can choose to complete your appearance. After that, you can mix and match your ankle boots with various fashion styles. So, let’s jump into the best way to wear ankle boots that you need to know:

1. Tucked Your Skinny Jeans Into Your Booties

Wearing ankle boots with skinny jeans is the right combination to make it look more stylish. However, sometimes you doubt how to wear ankle boots using jeans properly. A safe way you can choose is tucked your skinny jeans into your ankle boots.

Tuck your skinny jeans on your ankle boots will give you a neater and cleaner look. If you use trendy skinny jeans, it would be better if you tucked them in your ankle boots.

2. With Dresses and Skirts

Ankle boots are great if you combine them with dresses or skirts. You can choose ankle boots that have a tall shaft model with a pointed toe. This ankle boots model can make your legs look more elongated.

If you don’t like cutting your legs too much, choose ankle boots that are the same color as your skin. Choose boots that have a high shaft and are rather narrow to make your legs look slim. You can combine it with trendy denim skirts so you look chicer.

3. Roll The Cuff of Your Skinny Jeans

If you want to show your skin a little, you can roll up your skinny jeans. Rolling your skinny jeans up will give the impression of your legs more elongated. Moreover, rolling up your skinny jeans is also suitable for you to apply if you want to look more casual.

You can wear rounded-toe suede booties to support your appearance to look casual. Also, choose shafts that are not too high so as not to give an excessive impression.

4. With Leggings

If you want a more classic appearance, you can use leggings. Wearing leggings with ankle boots is also suitable for you to wear in every season. Leggings and ankle boots can make you comfortable and have an attractive appearance.

You look more stylish also you combine ankle boots with leggings. For example, you can combine it with faux leather leggings for a more feminine appearance. Use turtleneck tunic sweaters as tops and black suede ankle boots to complement your appearance.

5. Combine White Booties with Dark Prints

The best way to wear ankle boots is by combining white booties with dark prints. One time you might want to wear white ankle boots. However, white ankle boots are quite difficult for you to match with the others. White ankle boots can make your appearance stand out.

Besides, white ankle boots will give the impression of a clean leg line. So, you can mix and match dark prints on your dress or jeans with your white ankle boots. White ankle boots can also give a light impression on your appearance.

Now you already know about the best way to wear ankle boots. There are many ways you can choose to support your appearance when you wear ankle boots. Choose how to wear ankle boots according to your reference and depends on the event you will attend.

Reminisce The Fashion Breakthroughs In The Last Decade

Fashion is always changed annually. It starts from woman fashion, man, until kid fashion. All of them always change every year. Moreover, every year, there is always have a viral model that exists among people around the world. Commonly, fashion introduces by famous people such as singers, models, and many others. After that, society tries to follow their style and fashion. Then, fashion becomes famous and exists among people. so, do you know about fashion breakthroughs in the last decade? Here is the complete information.

Fashion breakthroughs in the last decade

1. Athleisure

The first fashion breakthroughs in the last decade are athleisure. This fashion is a kind of sports fashion. The difference between athleisure and other sport fashion is the athleisure has a unique design. It introduces by Kim Kardashian and becomes famous among people. it claims as the casual sportswear with the cost amounts of 44 billion dollars.

2. Millennial Pink

The pink color is one of the interesting colors and it becomes the fashion breakthroughs in the last decade. Actually, this fashion is just about the color. but Millennial Pink exists among people because of Hillary Clinton. She wear this style and gets an image as the girl-boss. She looks simple but full of power. Thus, the Millennial Pink exists among people for all gender, man and women. It is very interesting to see.

3. Jumpsuits

The jumpsuit is a unique clothing. It likes a uniform of industrial of Rosie the Riveter. But, a jumpsuit is almost being a simple outfit that is suitable to use every day. This clothe is woman clothing that has some pattern with beautiful color as the icon. This cloth used by many artists such as Alexa Chung, Rachel Antonoff, and many others.

4. Festival Wear

In the last decade, the festival wear become exist among people especially artists. There are many kinds of festival wear that exist among them such as flower crowns, Cutoff short, Layered necklaces, crochet bikini tops, and others. Mostly, festival wear does not become the daily clothes but it is the elegant clothes that wear for an important or special event.

5. Modest Bombshell

If you looking at this kind of clothes, you may think that modest bombshell is strange and different from others. In fact, the modest bombshell has a unique design. But it doesn’t kid about the cost. Moreover, modest bombshell becomes famous. Modest bombshell, actually, contains a maxi skirt and prairie dresses. Moreover, this clothe is almost covered your body such Muslim wear. Some people call modest bombshell as the covered up clothes but simply. Even this clothe is almost different from others, it appreciated by T magazine in 2013.

There is a lot of fashion breakthroughs in the last decade. The previous explanation is just some examples of them. The fashion that exists in the last decade is not just those five kinds of fashion. Then, do you want to make them exist anymore for about next year? Are you interested in them and interested in using them?

Rules When Wearing White Pants For Daily Outfits

People often wear white pants to match up to their daily looks. Not only has it looked sophisticated but also simple as well. Moreover, white pants are easy to combine with other styles and other colors. However, besides the great things about wearing it, there are also rules when wearing white pants. Sometimes white pants could be troublesome. But with knowing the rules, it won’t be anymore.

White is a magical color, including white pants. When people are in doubt or confused about what to wear, it is a perfect pant to wear. Despite the ease and great look, there are some rules when wearing white pants. The rules are present for the durable pants and also the comfortable look. To know more about it, here the rules:

1. For girls, please do not wear it during periods

The first thing about wearing white pants is especially for girls. Never use white pants or skirts during the period. One of the nightmares about the period is blood goes through the pants. Using white pants would make it even worse. White colors are easy to get emerge especially when it is combined with the color red. Moreover, the cleaning section would also be difficult to do.

2. Avoid the wet weather

The next rules when wearing white pants are avoiding wearing it on wet and rainy weather. The muddy roads would splash stains to the pants and make it dirty. White colors are easy to get dirty, especially from the dirt. Furthermore, it would be hard to clean the stain. That is why it is better to use it during the rainy weather. Make sure to check out the weather prediction first before wearing it.

3. Do not use bright or dark colors underneath

Another thing that people must pay attention to when wearing white pants is the clothing underneath it. As mentioned before, white colors are easy to get through. This includes the underwear underneath it. Do not use a bright or dark color for the underwear. If you do, the underwear would be seen through the white pants. Not only would it be striking but also a little bit humiliating as well.

4. Wearing White during Cold seasons

While black color could absorb the hot temperature, the white color could absorb the cool temperature. That is why people often use black colors in the winter. There are no rules when wearing white pants in the cold seasons. However, it might feel a little colder when using it. To warm it up, combine it with some black boots and a black leather jacket.

5. Say no to white pants in a busy environment

The next perfect moment to avoid white pants is when going through a busy environment. Especially for those who would often use public transportation and other public facilities. It would be hard to keep the white pants clean without a single stain from the public area. That is why metropolitan people often use black.

Using white pants is great for a fashionable look. However, the white color might be difficult to maintain. That is why there are some rules when wearing white pants to have lasting durable clean pants.